Working in a trade can mean long, hard hours and heaps of physical strain. Sometimes we push our bodies past their limit and they decide they just won’t take it anymore. If back pain, RSI or inflamed joints are making it impossible to perform at your best, it can make the work day almost unbearable, and sometimes force us to sit it out until we get better.

With effects of the GFC still in force, we need to make sure we’re working the best we can. And it’s certainly not a great time to be taking time off while an injury heals.

You’ve got to find a solution. You’ve already seen your doctor, popped bags of pain killers, and argued against invasive surgery. You just want the pain to go away so you can get on with the job.

We’re hot-wired to consult medical doctors, and usually look elsewhere only when their treatments are going nowhere. But maybe a smarter way to go is to seek out alternatives first. Alternatives like acupuncture.

Research says acupuncture releases natural relaxants like serotonin. That it improves circulation by dilating blood vessels. That is stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. The Chinese theory is that is enhances the free flow of Qi or Chi (energy) throughout the body.

Put simply, acupuncture acts like a switch to send a message through the body to regulate its own balance. In other words, it begins a healing process by calling natural defence mechanisms into action.

Unlike drugs, which often do no more than mask the pain, acupuncture works to fix the problem by getting the body back to optimum performance mode. A full treatment may require several acupuncture sessions, which typically take about half an hour. It’s a simple process.

Super-fine, sterilised needles go into specific points of the body, gently manipulated and all you need to do is lie back and let them do the work. It’s a quick, comfortable and surprisingly painless process, and you’ll feel the effect from your very first treatment.

So get yourself treated, and get back to the job. No worries!


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