Stress kills in such astronomical numbers it makes Genghis Khan seem positively humane.

7 people have died, due to stress, in the 2 seconds you just spent reading these words.

So why aren’t lots more of us being diagnosed and treated for it?

I believe the answer lies in how stress can hide within your body.

What Is ‘Stress’ And How Does It Hide?

7 hidden signs of stress

Physically, your stress response is your reaction to a strong cocktail of hormones rapidly flooding through your body. Your muscles tighten, your heart quickens, your breathing rate increases, your blood pressure rises and your senses are heightened.

Your stress response is vital to your survival. In an emergency, it’s your ‘fight-flight-freeze’ reaction to real or imagined dangers. It’s what gives you ‘oomph’ when you really need it.

In normal life it helps you maintain energy and focus.

Modern everyday life puts constant stress upon you and this means your stress response is always active to some degree. Your body becomes accustomed to increased levels of cortisol and adrenaline, and your increased heart rate and higher blood pressure.

You feel perfectly normal while underneath you’re really experiencing high levels of stress.

This is where the lethal hidden danger lies.

If you continue through life without recognising and taking steps to reduce your stress levels, you could be at serious risk.

Check yourself for any of these 7 hidden signs of stress and learn the top 4 ways of physically reducing your stress…

Itchy Skin, Rashes Or A Sudden Acne Breakout:

Stress diverts blood away from the skin towards the vital organs. This may exacerbate existing rashes or allergies.

Bleeding Gums:

Increased levels of cortisol can impair your immune system, allowing bacteria an open house to your gums.

Weekend Headaches:

Being stressed at work during the week and a sudden drop of stress levels at the weekend can lead to migraines or headaches.

Horrible Period Cramps:

Stressed out women are twice as likely to experience painful period cramps.

Food Cravings:

Stress is the more likely cause of your strong urge to wolf down that chocolate bar, cheeseburger or pizza.

Using cigarettes, drink or drugs to relax:

Having your substance ‘fix’ so you feel relaxed can be a sure fire sign of high background stress levels.

Top 4 Ways You Can Physically Reduce Your Stress Levels

Get plenty of sleep:

Regular, good quality sleep. It works wonders. If you’re experiencing sleep issues make a night time routine, so your body knows when it’s time to relax.

Exercise regularly:

Release your stress and tension with routine physical activity. It reduces and prevents the effects of stress. Aim for at least 3 x 30 minute sessions each week.

Eat healthy:

Out with caffeine, sugar and alcohol. In with nourishing food eaten regularly throughout the day. Try it for a week.

Set relaxation time:

Regular deep breathing, yoga or meditation induce a state of restfulness and allow your body to reset. Aim for at least twice each week.

How do you relax and de-stress? Comment below…

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