The golden milestone is fast approaching. You’ve done the hard yards—raised your family, paid off the house, set up a superannuation safety net. So retirement, or at least semi-retirement, should be something you can really look forward to. The reward you truly deserve after all those years!

But these days you wake up with stiff joints, your swing on the golf course is hampered by a dodgy elbow, your lower back aches from standing still, stiff painful knee joints are making gardening a nightmare rather than a pleasure, and you’ve developed such painfully stiff hip joints you’ve even been putting off walking the dog. And to top it off, you’re eyesight isn’t half what it used to be.

Age-related aches and pains, osteoarthritis, joint stiffness, and macular degeneration seem to be taking all the fun out of your new life, spoiling the freedom you should be enjoying now. Popping painkillers and anti-inflammatories only masks the problems. Addressing them quickly and effectively is the smarter approach, getting yourself fit and well, so you can get on with life.

Acupuncture is a safe adjunctive treatment for older sufferers of chronic lower back pain and the debilitating pain of knee osteoarthritis. It’s been shown to be highly effective, in combination with physiotherapy, in reducing shoulder and elbow stiffness and pain. By stimulating the energy flows through the body, acupuncture encourages cell rejuvenation and enhances the healing process.

This natural therapy can not only provide pain relief to make your day-to-day life more comfortable, but will help to improve or even eliminate the symptoms. Acupuncture is also being used as a preventative measure for macular degeneration.

It’s time to take hold of your future; you’ve certainly worked hard enough to get here. If you’re suffering from ailments that are keeping you away from the activities you so enjoy, get in touch with Albert and the team at Meridian Medical Centre and reclaim your life!


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